Solved – BIRD configure: error: The client requires GNU readline library

30 Dec

BIRD is a software routing that support many routing protocols such as STATIC, RIP, BGP, OSPF, BFD, and BABEL. I have been use this software since 2014 and it’s very stable. Please visit for more!
Today I have a problem when installing BIRD on (fresh) FreeBSD 11 amd64, the problem was caused by readline library that doesn’t exist on the machine.
Here is error message when I run configure:
configure: error: The client requires GNU readline library 2.1 or newer. Either install the library or use –disable-client to compile without the client.
And how to fix it? Of course we need to install readline library and we use pkg (FreeBSD), here is it:
# pkg install -y hs-readline gauche-readline
And after that, try to configure and compile BIRD:

# cd bird-1.6.3
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating obj/Makefile
config.status: creating obj/Rules
config.status: creating obj/sysdep/autoconf.h
config.status: executing merge commands
Merging system-dependent modules (sysdep/unix sysdep/bsd lib)

BIRD was configured with the following options:
Source directory: .
Object directory: obj
Iproute2 directory:
System configuration: ./sysdep/cf/bsd.h
Debugging: no
POSIX threads: yes
Routing protocols: bfd bgp ospf pipe rip static
Client: yes

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